About Us
Slices is a home grown food and beverage company aimed at transforming eating habits across the UAE through providing wholesome, nutritious meals. Unlike other traditional catering companies or restaurants, Slices’ core business is in offering nutritious real food & advocating healthy lifestyle. Slices brand was created to provide healthy food options for all students. Research shows that eating healthier food has a positive impact on school children behavior & learning. Slices is not just a business, it is a social responsibility.
Our Vision & Mission:
Our Vision is to positively influence the eating habits of the next generation. Our Mission is to educate the next generation on healthy eating through providing access to nutritious food at a young age and through a series of initiatives that enable them to look at food differently.
Slices Service Line:
Canteens and Healthy Grab-and-Go Kiosks
Slices are the experts in food service delivery to education sector. We offer a range of culturally diverse snacks, sandwiches, salads and main meals which are all based on our healthy eating philosophy. All menu items are designed to be freshly prepared in our central kitchen and delivered daily to site. Slices experienced team serves our customers maintaining quality at every stage.
Parent Cafes
Slices creates a comfortable and relaxing space for parents to meet and socialize. Our service offer is adapted to meet most popular current trends. We review the market for concepts and global healthy food offers to provide innovation in our menu.
Special Events Catering and Hospitality
Slices are experienced in providing delivered hospitality to our school partners and other organizations within the UAE. We boast an experienced team with extensive hospitality experience from conference & banqueting and hotel environments including front of house and culinary.